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It seems like the world's silliest problem, but turning what you love into a career can wear you down. Between filming so many bands and moonlighting at a record store, I often find myself yearning for some Air Supply just to give my tired ears a break. (Tough life, right?) But despite this, my first reaction to reading the name "Lasers and Fast and Shit" on our booking list was an intrigued "Go on...?" And when they came through the door and started plugging lamps into their DIY lighting rig, I knew some glorious chaos was about to be unleashed. Or they were going to burn the place down. Thankfully, what you see here is the former. These guys manage to shove more high-impact rock into their set than a lot of bands can pull off in a lifetime and definitely managed to blow my mind and rock my world. Buckle up Coach House fans, because this set will take you on a wild ride you'll never forget and by the time the dust settles, you'll be wondering what happened and how you can do it again.